What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress

difference between blogger and wordpress
difference between blogger and wordpress

Today there are many platforms to create a blog or a Web page quickly and without having to know programming and Web design. Technology has evolved a lot in recent years and now the average user without so much knowledge can create their own blog in practically a few minutes.

However, of so many options available, how do you know which one is the best?

When we talk about blogging platforms, the 2 most popular ones automatically come to mind:


Blogger is part of the great variety of tools that Google offers along with Gmail, Drive, Google Plus, calendar, hangout and others. It has become very popular in large part thanks to its easy installation, its synchronization with these applications (with Gmail in particular) and of course, for being part of the king of the Internet (Google)!

 Diffrence between blogging and wordpress

Recently, the design, interface and features of Blogger have improved a lot and every day it is more attractive and easier to use. It offers various templates, a good text editor, traffic statistics and much more.

WordPress.com vs Blogger. The correct comparison
However, if we compare it to WordPress, it would have to be with WordPress.com and not with WordPress.org.




How is that?

Remember that WordPress is available in 2 formats:

WordPress.com (free)
WordPress.org (downloadable platform that is downloaded and installed on your own domain
WordPress.com is very similar to Blogger because both are free services, based on the company’s own servers and with a domain-style ending “blogspot.com” or “wordpress.com”. That is, if I want to create a finance blog called “Learning Finance” and I create it with Blogger or WordPress.com. The domain would look something like this:

This is not a bad option, on the contrary, both platforms offer many tools and advantages to have a good blogging experience.

However, to create a professional blog or website, with branding and without limitations, WordPress.ORG is without a doubt the best option.

Both Blogger and WordPress.com suffer from (almost) the same problems: little control over content, plugins cannot be used, risk of account closure, etc.

To learn more about these limitations, check out this article: Main Limitations of WordPress.com.

WordPress.ORG is a downloadable platform that is installed on your own domain with Web hosting. What does this mean? That my finance blog would be:


Better. Having your own domain and using WordPress.ORG is the best blogging experience you can have. It offers unique advantages in SEO, security, plugin installation and use, design, full control over publication and much more.

Imagine that WordPress.com and Blogger are equivalent to downloading a video game demo. You can use it, test it and see how it works, but you can’t have the real experience until you get the full version. WordPress.ORG is the video game in its final and total version

Final conclusion

If you want to create a quality blog and have a better chance of success, WordPress (the downloadable platform) is much better.

Blogger and WordPress.com are good options, but to have secondary blogs and use them as a link strategy or any other not so important task.

I love the idea! But what do I need to use WordPress on my domain?
A domain and hosting account are required. To learn more about the requirements to use the platform, I recommend the following readings:

How much does it cost to start a professional blog
What does it take to use WordPress.ORG?
Basic components to create a WordPress blog
I am currently unable to purchase a domain and hosting account, but I want to start my blog today! What I do?
For these types of cases, the best way you can take is to start with WordPress.com, start publishing content and when you have the opportunity, migrate your blog to your own domain 🙂

I hope that with this article you have been very clear about the difference between Blogger and WordPress


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