How to create a gmail account?



To create Gmail account just go to and choose a unique user name enter password confirm your phone number and click on continue Thats it Hurrey!

               Explaination !!!!!!!!
So guys to create a Gmail account just go to and click on create new Gmail account after clicking it you have to fill a form first of all choose your username that you want to choose and then choose a Gmail for email address username remember it should be unique and it is better if it is short then you can enter your phone number for verification and then choose a password remember your password should be unique it should contain all type of characters integers words smiles dots etc to avoid any type of hacking victim then click on next and here we go now Google will send youa 6 or five digit OTP one time password you just have to go to your mobile phone messages inbox and copy the code send it by Google and paste it to your form for verification
Now simply click on next again agree and again click on next and here we go your new email account on new email address has been set up enjoy!


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